Carnival 2014 is where it started for the current committee

The current Carnival Committee cut their teeth with the 2014 Hunstanton Carnival (which was held on Sunday, 29 June 2014).  This follows on from the successful five year run enjoyed by the volunteers led by Rita Caldicott.

With only a few months to organise the 2014 Carnival the current Committee dipped their toes into the water and focussed on building a huge entertainment programme throughout the day. Despite endless gloomy weather reports leading up to Carnival Day (Sunday, 29 June 2014), it was, eventually, all right on the day and the Green came alive with a great variety of stalls, bouncy castle, swings and an arena.  As the morning wore on the rainy/gloomy skies improved and by midday things looked a great deal brighter.

Sadly, some of the parade entrants were lacking in optimism and withdrew at the last moment but those that turned up really played their parts and did Hunstanton proud. The theme of “Musicals” was duly applied and some great creativity was seen in the costumes and floats.

The winners of the Carnival parade were deemed to be “The Sound of Music”. This year’s Carnival Parade marched to the sound of the very polished Cambridgeshire Caledonian Pipe Band who were led by the cuddly Manor Park.  The annual tug of war took place in the arena with the Firefighters overpowering HM Coastguard in full kit!

Newly appointed Mayor of Hunstanton, Cllr Carol Bower, spoke very kindly about us volunteers and then awarded members of the Firefighters team with the newly created Richard Searle Cup,  donated by Searles in memory of Cllr Richard Searle especially for the event.

It was a successful Carnival with loads of family fun, not to mention lots of learning curves for the team.  Thank you so much to everyone who supported us.