Sunday, 25 June 2017
Theme 2017: All the Fun of the Fair

Carnival Queen & Princesses Announced for 2016

On Sunday, 12 June 2016, the rear of the Wash & Tope was all decked out for lots of family fun to once again help support Hunstanton Carnival.  Landlady of the Wash & Tope, Lori and her partner Phil could not have done more to create a fun filled backdrop for us to formally announce the first Hunstanton Carnival Queen and Princesses in perhaps 3 or 4 years.

There were many major events going on in the area for the 90th birthday of HM The Queen so attendance was not as high as one would have hoped. Those families who did join us had a ball on the bouncy castle (all thanks to Graham Peel) and enjoyed the very British “street party” under a marquee.  What a fun place the Wash & Tope must be to work!  The staff of the Wash & Tope proved themselves to be a very talented bunch and great fun to boot!

Many of the staff set themselves up as targets for sponge throwing in the stocks to help raise additional funds for Hunstanton Carnival with Landlady Lori getting the ball rolling.  This was too good an opportunity for the staff to miss out on and they exploited it mercilessly by tipping the whole bucket of cold water over her head in one go – no wasting time with the sponge throwing there!  Lori was a fantastic sport and took it all in good cheer but this then set the trend for most of the “victims” that followed as, one by one, the same approach was adopted with only slight variations.

Graham Peel kept things ticking along as compere and DJ with Steve Ellis keeping fairly quiet thanks to a touch of Larynjitis.  In between DJ stints there was some great live entertainment with the handsome George Fisher who sang in the style of “Michael Buble” for a good many popular tunes and acquitted himself and the Wash & Tope very well indeed.  Another Wash & Tope member of staff to take the stage was the highly personable Paige Rudd who showed real stage presence and a leaning towards a Amy Winehouse style whilst belting out a variety of popular songs, including her unique take on Britney Spears “Oops I Did It Again”.

After keeping the suspense going for much of the afternoon, Graham finally announced that this year’s Carnival Queen was to be 15 year old Makayla Rule.  He then went on to announce the Carnival Princesses as Lily Rose (11?), Purity-Rose Ologhoejebi (7), Eleanor Hollin (11) and Zerrin Mitchell (11).  Makayla and Lily Rose were both present to receive their crowns and enjoy a joke with the Carnival mascot on the stage.  We will, no doubt, enjoy seeing the girls all dressed up and ready to parade on Sunday, 26 June 2016 and hope they enjoy their roles.

Lori in the stocks surrounded by Wash and Tope Staff - photo by Stella Gooch

Lori freezing cold & soaking wet in the stocks surrounded by Wash and Tope Staff – photo by Stella Gooch